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HELP !!!!!

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We are using MInicad 6.0.1 Mac

We have tried many times over the years to make our stationary "remember " all prefs. The snap radius reverts to 6, the Conversion Res reverts to low, Floating datum, no fill behind text, eight selection handles etc.. revert to unchecked. We have tried throwing away the prefs and everything else we can think of, but cant make the prefs "stick". what are we doing wrong ???

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Mrbmp,There's no reason to be rude.

In reference to your problem, I'd have to agree with CipesDesign. I don't think anyone on the board is using Minicad 6. I know it's at least 5 years old, so it's probably no longer a supported product. I highly recommend you upgrade. VW9 is fast and efficient, with many new and useful features.

I'm sorry I can't be more helpful, but it seem that Minicad 6 was in use about the same time as Windows 3.1, and I can't remember anything about that program either.

Good Luck

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MiniCAD 6 is not supported. As a general rule, we officially support a product for 18 months from the last sale of that version or until a version 2 higher is released. Whichever is longer.

For instance, we are already past 18 months on VectorWorks 8 so when VectorWorks 10 is finally released, 8 will no longer be supported.

If for some reason in the next 6 months we release VectorWorks 11 and 12, VW 10 would still be supported at least 18 months from it's last sale. (Disclaimer, while we expect a 11 and 12 to eventually happen, it will not be on that time scale.)

As for the settings you describe, historically those have been stored in the MiniCAD preferences file, not the document. I would recommend deleting your preferences file and letting the program create a new one. Please remember, MiniCAD and VectorWorks only save their preferences when you successfully quit the program.

So reset the preferences once again, go into the program and change your settings, then immediately quit the program to force it to save them. If you were successfully, the next time you open MiniCAD it should not ask you for your name and serial number again.

Otherwise all I can do is encourage you to upgrade to a supported version.

Matthew GiampapaNNA Technical Support

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