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missing plugins from 8 to 9

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whatever happened to the leader line tool? this "call out" thing is a poor substitute. i'm using vectorworks 9... not architect not landmarks and i dont have a leader line tool. this makes it difficult to place notes on drawings. whose bright idea was it to get rid of this nifty plug-in?

can i get it back? does it still exist in 9?

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The leader line tool was replaced by the callout tool, which is considered to be a more useful tool.

However, usually we do not completely remove a tool from the application. 90% of the time, we offer it in the workspace and you can add it in if you would rather use the tool vs a new idea we have crated.

The callout tool was a request made by many customers, felt it was a good idea, and used that as the default tool.

The leader line tool can be added to your current workspace thru the workspace editor, under 2d tools. To use the workspace editor, please refer to your user's guide.

The number stamp tool is the same method.

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You know, being negative isn't going to help increase your chances of getting a post answered by one of us. We are not obligated to answer here, nore are other users. We do it to help folks out if we have free time on our hands, as do other users.

Keep that in mind next time, before you rush to a conclusion and throw in a snippy comment. It would be appreciated by all, I'm sure.

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i apologize if my snippy comments come across as negative. i appreciate all the response i get and find this site very usefull, due precisely to the ease and plain english of the dialogue.

i dont believe i insulted anyone directly. if anything, my comments should be regarded as end user feedback and not be taken personally.

kind regards to all.

smile.gif" border="0

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