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Teigha library error

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Got this message while trying to import a dwg, then the same file as a dwx.

Teigha library error.

This dwg version is a version. You can only import dwg up to version 2012

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I am having the same problem.

I know the dwg that mine came from was created in AutoCad 2012 for Mac.

Really need to get a solution to this.

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Also had this come up yesterday. On starting up today, re-imported the file into a new blank file with no problems. The DXF file format is pretty old, and the line work was an export out of Chief Arch, not AutoCad.

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Try moving the DWG file that you're trying to import to a "higher level" folder, such as even your Desktop. It seems if the DWG file is too far down the folder "tree," this error message is generated.

HTH, Will


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I have had users encounter this for a number of reasons, the most common being these:

1) The DWG version is too new, OR includes a plugin that isnt supported by the older Vectorworks' DWG import. Which can result in ACAD 2012 or 2013 exporting a DWG file that actually registers as a 2014DWG.

2) The DWG file simply needs to be renamed (to anything else, doesnt seem to matter) or relocated as mentioned in the above post, which then allows it to import.

3) The ACAD user will need to export as 2010 or an older format, then the files seem to import fine, regardless of the plugins mentioned in 1.

I had not seen http://www.opendesign.com/guestfiles/TeighaFileConverter until now, thank you BCEM. I will experiment with it and if it works out as a solution, create a kbase article explaining its use in order to get around this problem.

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I've just now getting this error when exporting a very simple VW drawing to a DWG version 10. My VW drawing is just 2D lines, hatches, & a PDF title block.

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