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Tabbing between fields in palette

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I began using VW2013 this morning - with the newly minted SP1 installed. I can't tab between fields in the Move command palette. Are others experiencing similar problems?

When I hit the tab key to advance from the "X offset" to the "Y offset" nothing happens other than the "X offset" is no longer selected. Hitting the tab key a second time re-selects the "X offset". I can use the mouse to advance to the next field, but this is a slower way to use a tool that we use often.

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Tamsin: In my opinion, not quite. Once the selection in System Prefs has been changed to "Text Boxes and Lists only", I can tab between fields in say the Move Selection window, but not in any fields in a custom window like Autoplot Tools for Spotlight window.

Not to mention once "Text Boxes and Lists only" is impelmented it cripples keyboard access to the rest of OS X and other applications.

This is poor implementation and is distinctly different than in VW 2012.

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I'm having the same issue with tab issues, especially with the move tool, which I use constantly. There was no issue with this in any previous version of VW. Why can't someone fix the plug in, as I am not going to change my system preferences on my mac, just to resolve an issue that could be fixed by a SP. I'm surprised it wasn't fixed in the SP1 that was just released.

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