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Area calc in worksheet

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This one is fun... I created a worksheet to calculate the area of a polygon. The polygon has a specific class "Area-1-1". The worksheet functions properly and matches the area displayed in the Object Info palette. However, I made the polygon into a symbol and gave the symbol the same class attribute. The worksheet suddenly displays an incorrect area. When I change the class of the symbol to none, the area in the worksheet goes to zero! I convert the symbol to a group and recalculate the worksheet and the area returns to the correct area.

I suspect that the worksheet calculates the area of the symbol, NOT the polygon within it, which is a rectangle defined by the object handles.

Please fix this ASAP!!! shocked.gif" border="0

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I can't reproduce this effect... but here's the test that I did.

Draw an irregular polygon and duplicate it.Take the duplicate and turn it into a symbol, leave that symbol on the drawing.Next, create a worksheet with the Query "All Objects" and the formula "=area".

I get the same area listed for both the symbol and the object. (This is in 9.5.2)

If your seeing different results, please send the file into tech@nemetschek.net with a description of the problem.

Matthew GiampapaNNA Technical Support

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what am I to do if : I am drawing 3 different scheme for a bulding & i want to show the areas for the spaces in the schemes. In the first scheme I give the rooms (drawn as rectangles or polygons) names. I then go to a worksheet and create a database showing these names and the areas of the polygons.

Now I want to create the next scheme: I copy scheme 1 and move it down and commence to adjusting the polygons. I can't name the polygons the same as the first scheme because the names already exist. However, I want to show all the schemes and their corresponding worksheet on the same sheet to print.

I tried to have the different schemes in different files and workgroup reference them to print. yet I still have the same problem with duplicate names. All the name for the room in my second file were dropped.

Any suggestions???

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10.0.1 on Mac.

I have similar problems. I want to use the Space plug-in to do area take offs in a worksheet. I want to multiply the areas of the 'Spaces' by an occupancy load factor. This doesn't seem to work because the Area field of the Space record is formated for text. Does anyone have any ideas? These Space objects are great but what is the point if their areas can't be totalled or multiplied in a worksheet. This is a big problem for us.

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