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Window/Door Schedule by layer


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I need to find a way to create window/door schedule by layer.. For instance, in the same file i have the existing model floor plan design layer & proposed floor plan design layer and I want to create a seperate window and door schedule for each, but when you create a window/door schedule it has information for all design layers.

One thought was, perhaps I could create a window/door schedule then in the header add criteria to limit to one design layer, but this didn't work... or at least everything I tried failed

I would appreciate any suggestions.... thanks

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Edit the database criteria:

1. double click on the worksheet to edit (if it's already placed in the drawing) or right click on the worksheet in the RB and choose edit

2. click on the little triangle in the upper left corner

3. check Database Headers to expose the database header row.

4. Right click on the database row header. Probably row 4. Choose Edit Criteria...

5. It will say something like

Record Window is present

Field Value On Schedule = TRUE

6. Click on More Choices in the lower left corner. Set the pull downs to

Layer is *Name of design layer*

7. OK

8 Go back to the little triangle and uncheck database header



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Editing the criteria should have worked.

What do you mean by "in the header add criteria"?

1. Make sure the database header row (i.e. 4, not 4.1, 4.2, etc.) is visible. If it is not, go to the triangle pull down menu over the row headers and select Database Headers.

2. Right Click on the row header for the database row.

3. Choose Edit Criteria.

4. Click the More Option button at the bottom left of the window and add a new criteria of Layer Is "you layer name"

5. Repeat as necessary for schedules for other layers.

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