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Matt Panzer

CameraMatch 2013 Plug-in Released!

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[font:Arial Black]CameraMatch 2013 (for Vectorworks 2013) is now available![/font]

[font:Arial] Quickly and accurately align a 3D model view to a photograph. Then create beautiful polished rendering using the CameraMatch Masking, Cloning and Shadow features. Our goal in developing CameraMatch 2013 was to make it easier, more accurate, and more predictable to use. The result is a set of plug-ins that get you more accurate results, even faster than before![/font]

[font:Arial Black]CameraMatch 2013 Features:[/font]

[font:Arial Black]New Preview Object:[/font]

[font:Arial]The Preview Object is an object shown within the CameraMatch object to aid in setting up the CameraMatch view. I could bore you with a long explanation of how cool this feature is, or you can just watch a snazzy video:


[font:Arial Black]One standard Control Line mode:[/font]

[font:Arial]Previous versions of CameraMatch had 3 control line modes. These have all been eliminated in favor of one standard mode. Some of the advantages of this new mode are:

? More predictable view calculations

??More reliable view tuning

? The ability to use cropped photos[/font]

[font:Arial Black]Interface improvements:[/font]

[font:Arial]Miscellaneous improvements to beter guide you through the process. Simple things like control lines that now only point towards their calculated vanishing point, icons added to the Tune View Dialog slider, and alerts that point out common mistakes. New final render mode settings and a Render Viewport button have also been added to let you update the viewport without leaving the annotations. All of these little things add up to a smoother more trouble free process; giving you professional results fast.[/font]

[font:Arial Black]Shadow objects can now be given a fill color:[/font]

[font:Arial] Shadow objects can now take on the fill color given to them through the Attributes palette. This lets shadows better match the colors of shadows in the photo.[/font]

[font:Arial Black]Some cool links to check out:[/font]

[font:Arial] PanzerCAD Home Page

CameraMatch User Image Gallery

CameraMatch 2013 New Features and Information

CameraMatch 2013 FREE for students


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This add on is well worth the money, especially if one does any work with existing conditions and buildings in context of other buildings. This add on just works and in combination with renderworks representation of designs in situ are exemplary.

And no I do not get any kick back for sales, just thought others should know what they are missing.

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Stan and Christiaan,

Thank you for the kind words! I'm glad you're enjoying CameraMatch!

I'm very excited about this release. A lot of work went into this version to make it even more reliable, flexible, predictable, and efficient than before. The Preview Object and new standard control line mode are a huge help in this respect. The preview object gives constant feedback as adjustments are made and the new control line mode provides far more robust view calculations.

It's also worth mentioning the addition of a new "Tips and Troubleshooting" section in the manual and on our website: CameraMatch Tips & Troubleshooting

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I am a big fan of camera match. When you need to match your model to a photograph, this product will speed you up by hours.

For many of my clients I don't tell them they should buy this product, I tell them they cannot afford NOT to buy it.

(Matt does not pay me to say this...)

Edited by Jonathan Pickup

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CameraMatch has now been updated to version 2013.0.1

This version requires Vectorworks 2013

We recommend all CameraMatch 2013 users download this free update. Among other bug fixes, this update fixes problems when cutting holes into Mask and Shadow objects.

Please download the update here: Download CameraMatch 2013

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CameraMatch has now been updated to version 2013.0.2!

Among the fixes is vastly improved vanishing point tuning (in the Tune View dialog). We strongly recommend all CameraMatch 2013 users download this free update.

Please download the update here: Download CameraMatch 2013

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Hi Matt

Would Camera Match 2013 work on my VW2011?

I had always assumed that the version of Camera Match needed to match the version of VW.


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Hi Ian,

Unfortunately CameraMatch 2013 will not work in VW versions previous to VW 2013. So far, each major release of CameraMatch added new features that take advantage of newly added vectorscript calls. For these reasons, we've never been able to make it function in earlier VW versions.

Generally, the version number of CameraMatch matches the current version of VW that it was originally written for. But, as with CameraMatch 2011 (also compatible with VW 2012), some versions may continue supporting future versions of VW.

That all said, I cannot predict what the future holds. :-)

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If you haven't visited our online CameraMatch User Gallery lately, come check it out! There's some pretty cool stuff in there.

BTW: We're alway looking for new images to add. If any of you CameraMatch users out there have anything you'd like to share, please send them to: gallery@panzercad.com

Visit the CameraMatch Gallery:


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