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DWF Export in VW 2013, Font and Fill Problems

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It is great that they have finally added the export DWF command to VW, as we have clients that demand we upload our CDs to Buzzsaw, and we are an all Mac office.

But unfortunately, we cannot use the command due to its shortcomings.

The problems we are having are that the font type and style are not exported to the DWF, so all text comes out in Courier or some generic font, and white fill does not seem to export, even with the "Export Solid Fills" box checked. (We sometimes use white masks to hide things in the background, and these fills go to "None")

DWFs are used for viewing and printing files, and should exactly match the files they were made from.

If I print my VW file in-house, and my client prints it from the DWF, the two outputs should look identical.

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What a pathethic release with tons of false advertising. I think all the export formats added in this release do not work as advertised. Check out my post on corrupt 3ds, Collada and Fbx files http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=177682#Post177682

I think all service select subscribers should join up and demand a refund. It's like they did not even try their new commands in house...simply pathetic...theirs no excuse.

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