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VW running very very slow

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Using VW 9.5.2 on OS 10.14 with a G4 with 512 MB memory. brand new system with very clean machines but for some reason several people here are reporting an increasing sluggishness in VW and only in VW. it gets incredibly slow so that it becomes almost impossible to work on. file sizes are reasonable, usually around 4 or 5 M so i dont think that is the problem.

Can anyone suggest what might be the cause of the problem?

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I've been having the same problem too, in 9.5 up to 9.5.2 ever since upgrading to OS 10. Fixes itself if you restart VW, but gradually slows down every time as you work.

Lots of randome VW crashes as well, since going to OS 10.

Not running itunes either.

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I run VW9.5.2 OSX and only see VW slow down after doing a "Convert to lines" on a layer that has a lot of stuff on it.

It seems the slow down to me may be related to specific commands within VW's.

Rebooting VW's always seems to resolve the slow down issue.

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I too am running VW 9.5.2 in OSX (10.1.4) on a PowerPC G4 and find it to be very slow. Even after a restart the progam bogs down in no time and progressively gets worse the longer it runs. I've gotten to the point where no other program can be running and I have to reboot 3 or 4 times a day. Very frustrating!

Our small office uses an ethernet with all files residing on in the HD. If anyone has a clue how to speed up VW I would love to hear it.

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