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I want to assign a different 2d plant symbol to a plant.


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I have a few plant symbols that are showing a sort of ghost symbol inside them, like it's somehow associated with a completely different symbol, so when the plant is selected, you can see the orange outlines of the other plant object briefly. This happens whether the plant is in mass planting mode or not, yet the ghost symbol never shows up on the plan.

I've gone into the edit 2d symbol screen and actually stripped away each of the layers by selecting and dragging each of them off the center of the plant, yet I couldn't find any evidence of this other symbol. And I made sure that while I was doing that all the classes for the plants - components - etc. were set to visible. This was an ornamental tree symbol provided in the Vectorworks resource library, but I had duplicated it so the original symbol is still safe).

This has happened to a few other symbols, and I think it was happening to me before I updated to 2013, so I don't think it's anything with 2012. Other symbols I've duplicated/modified or even totally created from nothing seem to be fine. My best guess is somehow I've assigned the plant to two different symbols. I have only a handful of plants that I've assigned symbols to, but I don't have them in any central library, they're just sitting in whatever drawing file I happened to be working on then they were created. So I open up a new drawing and all I have in the plant pull-down menu is the 10 or 12 standard plant symbols.

I mentioned that problem because it's been vexing me for a few weeks, but really, it leads me to my main question:

I simply want to delete the symbol from the library(s) and start over with a new symbol for that plant. I haven't used this symbol in any other drawings, and it's the first time I've ever used this plant in a drawing as well. So hopefully, there shouldn't be any repercussions.

What's the best way to get rid of this symbol, but not the plant definition?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I've had a look at the file John and I can see the ghosting, but I am not sure what's causing it. It seems only a screen issue though and unlikely to cause problems with printing.

The gapped lines issue I will look into further for you.

To change a plant symbol to have new graphics - it's now really easy in 2013! Just edit the plant definition as usual, and you have a new button "Copy from Symbol" with which you can copy 2D or 3D geometry from any other symbol. Very cool and so much easier for swapping image props for 3D.

Let me know if you need more help! And I hope you and Bryan have a nice lunch!

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Hi all

I am new here, I've got a question about how to edit the plant once you go into 2d graphics

dialog box - I tried to activate the plant- component- outline/ artwork but

when I draw anything in the edit 2d graphics mode it doesn't show up once I

exit back to the main window. Any additions I've drawn disappears and I

don't know why, despite me activating the plant/component layers where the original

plant is n on - I have also made sure I was in screen layer but

that didn't work either.

Could you please give me some guidance on how to go about it?

Many thanks for your help.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi Julie

It sounds like you might be drawing elements in the Plants-Components-Outline class but that class is set to invisible?

Which version of the software are you using?

If you are on 2013 and you simply want to replace the 2D graphic with a different one, edit the definition of the plant and choose Copy from Symbol - you can copy 2D, 3D or both from any other symbol that is present in your drawing.

I hope that helps

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