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Landmark 2013 Plant tool

Bryan G.

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There are now two distinct parts to Plant objects:

- The Plant Definition where you set the global parameters for the Plant and the default values for its variable parameters in the file.

- The Plant Settings where you set the individual parameters for each Plant or Plant Group in the file.

The Plant Definition part can be edited by:

- Clicking on the Edit Definition button in the Plant Settings dialog box.

- Contextual right clicking on the Plant(s) in the drawing and selecting to Edit the Definition.

- Contextual right clicking on the active files Plant Symbol in the Resource Browser and selecting to Edit the Definition.

The most efficient way to work is to set up your own Library file with the individual Plant Symbols defined to be the plants you want them to represent, including the default parameter values. Once they are imported into your working file you should then mostly have to only set the instance parameters for each of them.

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