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Rendering Image Props


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Hi Tasmin.

Thanks for getting back to me. Why would it render in open GL but not fast. Is open GL not technically renderworks?.

I have hopefully attached a file for you to have a play around with. I'm sure its probably something simple but after looking for so long I cant see the wood for the trees.


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Typical. Trust it to work on someone else s computer :)

Logically, I suppose that must mean a setting on my computer rather than the vw.

Another question.

If i'm in a hurry , I'll edit the image prop's render texture and tint the image. Turning a green phormium into a red one for example. In open GL the tint stays, in fast renderworks the tint goes.

This I assume happens due to the different systems that generate the render that you mentioned.

Linking back to the first problem, is there a preference menu or settings for the different types of render, or some guide lines on how the graphics card should be set up for VW?


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Hi all.

Please help.

Another issue which has occurred which must be linked to my original problem, which I have still not been able to fix.

Why would a texture show up in Fast Renderworks (FR) but not Open GL (OGL).

I understand from Tamsin that OGL uses the computers graphics card and FR uses a software, but what have I done in creating a texture/image prop that causes it to show up in one and not the other.

This computer has a Nvidia Quadro 4000, which i'm led to believe isnt too shabby.

Is there a setting for the graphics card that is linked to OGL? Any help is much needed, and very much appreciated.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hello Andy:

Your original plant image prop renders fine for me as well in 2013. I don't see anything that may cause it to not render, except the gray other layers setting might cause textured objects to show as gray.

I can't guess what may be causing the second problem, you may try to post another VWX file.

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