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Worksheet for Sheet List (Table of Contents)

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How do I call sheet numbers and names into a worksheet column for a table of contents?

Custom title block uses custom record format named: TitleBlock8?_Rcd

Sheet Number record field named: SheetNum.rcd_SN:

Worksheet database Row 3

DB Criterion = Record>TitleBlock8?_Rcd>is present

Creates a sub row for each instance of the tittle block. (that seems correct)

Attempt formula to call the sheet numbers in cell 3A (fails)




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Excellent! Thank you Michael! I use worksheets so seldom that the conventions escape me. I did watch your record format video and some worksheet info from other sources to no apparent avail.

That period in my sheet# field name seems to work OK, at least for this. It must be a carryover from creation of this title block several versions ago. I try to avoid naming conflicts by adding a suffix to many items I create - new classes are xyz-cls, symbols are xyz-sym, record formats and fields are xyz-Rcd or rcd, etc. I was using periods for a while but have migrated to dashes or underscores recently. I guess @,#,$,&,? could also be used.

All good now. Thanks again.


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I know this topic has been resolved, but I am having some issues with the database outputting the right values.

I have followed your method of inserting functions into the database header, but it seems to be outputting the default value rather than the actual value.

Ill add a screenshot that may describe my problem better


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Hi Pat,

I renamed the record format and then changed it back to My Custom Record and this seems to have solved things.

Don't ask me why, perhaps it needed to be refreshed.

The title block and record were created in VW2013, and Im now using 2014, so perhaps that could also be a factor

Anyway, thanks for your help and speedy response

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