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help needed in writing scripts

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I'm still using VW 11, but I'll get the latest version later this year.

Although I have created quite a few "scripts" in my View Command and Saved Views, I wonder if somebody can write a script(or scripts) to combine the following into a series of "automated" commands (kind of like one click to execute). With this sample script as a starter I can quickly learn to write other scripts in the future.

1. Turn on certain layers and all classes.

...currently I manually go to Layer <1/4">

...then I use SaveView to: (a) turn on certain layers(e.g. Layer 01 thru 07),(b) ALL classes On, and © in "show/snap/modify others" mode

2. Delete All Temp objects

...with View Command: DSelectAll; SelectObj(((C='A TEMP LINE')|(C='A TEMP')));

...then I manually delete all

3. Change the date on the Date Stamp (which is inside a symbol)

... I'm doing this manually

4. Bring certain objects to foreground

...with View Command:


SelectObj((C='A NOTE')); SelectObj((C='DIMENSION'));

SelectObj((C='A TAG'));

SelectObj((C='A GRID')); SelectObj((C='A ENVELOPE')); SelectObj((C='A DIM AVG GRADE CALC'));


....and then manually send them to foreground

5. Send all unlocked objects to background

...currently I manually Select All; then manually Send to Background.

I hope I'm not asking too much but your help will help an old folgie like me to learn faster. I could be reached at SWHL@shaw.ca

Deeply appreciated


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I see there are not many takers on your request for script help. You can try asking on the Vectorscript forum. The challenge with your script is that you need the specific classes present to keep the script from failing. So far I have been using scripts to create objects, not to edit them. I use them to create the window schedule for our residential tower drawings.

Garry Steinhilber

WT Leung Architects

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Edited by Garry Steinhilber

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