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seating layout question

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I cannot figure out the syntax of worksheet functions and criteria, and the help file is not much help. In a nutshell, I have 8 seating layouts broken out into two classes: floor and bleacher.

I want to count the number of chairs in each seating layout in each class, giving me a floor seating total and a bleacher seating total.

How does the syntax for that work?

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It depends on if you want to count in an individual cell or create a schedule (database).

If you just want to stick a count in a cell:

=COUNT(((INOBJECT & (C='Seating-Bleacher') & (S='Bleacher Seat'))))

Or in the UI:

INOBJECT means you checked "Including objects of: Plug-in Objects"

C='name of class'

S='name of symbol'

If you want a schedule database, then the criteria is

=DATABASE(((C='Seating-Bleacher') & (R IN ['Seating Layout'])))

or in the database UI:

Class is Seating Bleacher AND


Then you can use the format =('record format'.'field name') to call whatever property you want.

i.e. =('Seating Layout'.'sectionName')

=('Seating Layout'.'seatSpacing')

=('Seating Layout'.'rowSpacing')

=('Seating Layout'.'Seats')


When using your own record formats it's easy to figure out. When using the record formats employed by plug in objects you can either us the Create Report... command or use Pat Stanford's script that reports the record formats and field names for plug in objects.

example attached



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