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Getting garden edging into hardscape schedules and reports?


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This has been puzzling me for a while now. Can anyone explain the best way to create garden edging (ie between turf and garden) on a plan. I'd like to be able to include it in the hardscape schedule or even its own schedule.

So far I have tried converting the lawn to hardscape with border, hiding the border on the kerb and driveway edges (thus only having the the border where the edge is needed). As far as I can see, I can only include the border as an area measure in the schedule, not lineal metres as I'd prefer.

I have tried converting to a wall object but the edge becomes several objects based on the curves and still no lineal measure seems to be available.

I have worked around this by not converting the polyline and just labelling each edge based in its length given in the object info pallet.

If anybody knows of an easier way I would appreciate your help.


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Thanks Mike. I tried that too but I still only get an Area measure in the schedule. Edging is usually priced in lineal metres so you would expect there to be a way of showing the measures in a schedule. I'm probably just missing something.

I also tried converting to Linear Material. This at least gives an accurate figure as the perimeter in the Object Info Palette. But again, there doesn't appear to be a way to include the perimeter or length of the object into a report.

Thanks again


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I'm interested in a solution as well, but I think a bit more clarity is in order.

First, it's rarely the case that knowing the perimeter of a landscape bed area will automatically yield the bed edging required. This is due to beds being located next to walkways, building foundations, etc. Ideally, the bed edge would be calculated independently.

Bed edging can be done in a variety of ways, and with a variety of materials. In some cases, an edge is nothing more than a clean-cut trench between the lawn and a planting bed, so there would be no material to report, but the length of the edge would still be important for labor calculations. On the opposite end, it could be what's referred to here (USA) as a "mow strip" which is usually a brick, stone or even poured concrete curb. These elements might be more like the hardscape objects (although it's still unclear how to get the border only, and then to get a linear foot report)

However, I think Bert70 is referring to a middle category where the edge is a strip of steel, flexible wood, or vinyl, so there's no square footage to speak of, only length. I've been using a poly line to indicate these edges graphically on my plans, but haven't yet thought about adding them into a report. Of course Vectorworks knows the length of each individual line, so it would seem like creating a special class for the edging would be a good start. I just don't how to get it into a report from there.

Since these beds are also part of a site model, probably NURBS curves are a better way to go. They'd need to be surface-hugging.

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Here you go!

Draw your bed edge as a poly line. Start a worksheet add the value of =(perim) in a database header cell, then set criteria to type is polyline. bingo you have a lineal measure of your edging. you can then get more complex by adding rounders and dividing to get edging stick totals. or even brick counts or whatever. Let me know if you need any more help on this.

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Hi All and thanks for your replies and advice.

I have had a play around with the suggestions you guys made for getting Garden Edging (Mowing Strips) into my hardscape schedules.

I would have liked the edging included as its own entity in the existing hardscape schedule, expressed in lineal metres.

So I first tried the Hardscape Path option Mike suggested. This adds the edging as a separate entity or separate named hardscape (which I liked) but I can't get around two problems.

1) I can't get a nice joint spacing that follows the contour with the path. Which is purely cosmetic and there is probably a way to fix that anyway.

And 2) Adding a collumn to my report that divides area by path width gives a "#Div 0!" value to all other hardscapes in the report.

Mike, your second suggestion of a border area / border width works better for me as it overcomes both problems listed above.

The estimator will just need to know that the edging is linked to the lawn/turf areas instead of being a separate entity.

I'd upload copies of the drawings/reports I created but I'd have to look up how to do that too. If it's of any use to anyone let me know and I'll work it out and upload.

Thanks again guys.


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