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Section VP catch22

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The last few projects I have done have been with a 3D work flow.

Lots of model layers section VP annotated. This is really good for coordinated drawings sets. However as the model got complex the rendered VP took time to render. When editing the annotation of the VP the render gets lost. Hence resolving a detail in the annotaion layer of the VP is impossibe (of course there is a work arround, you add a new VP over the Section VP and edit the annotation layer of that one). But there are far to many lines. Thus snapping to lines has difficulty.

The current project I'm working on I have a tight turn around and have opted for a 2D workflow. The project is simple so I dont need a 3D model to identify complex areas for detail.

Thus the catch 22. For simple projects a 2d workflow is faster. A complex project warrants a 3D workflow but the more complex the model the slower the Section VP are to work with.

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When editing a VP be sure to toggle on Display Viewport Cache at the dialog where you select Annotations. This way the VP won't get lost and overlay drafting makes more sense.

I will say the biggest issue with the 3d workflow you describe is the time and memory it takes to re-generate a series of viewports. I'm looking to upgrade my RAM specifically to improve this performance. I can't re-generate 4 in a row without crashing. Right now I'm presuming (hoping) more RAM helps the problem. Also a twinkling of hope better memory management for section VP's is included in VW2013.


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