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Has anyone created a color palette for use on master plans?


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I'm pretty familiar with the color palette manager, and know I can create my own color palette, etc., but up until now, have been starting from scratch with each new drawing. Obviously the 2d plant symbols have their own colors, and while I have made quite a few changes to the plant symbol colors, I'm not using any overall system of coordination so often a plan will have an unsettling mix of color intensities, discordant hues, and show other signs that I really need to stop and set this up before I go much further.

I'm wondering more about the process of creating a coordinated set of colors. Vectorworks seems to allow good control over just about all the variables, but there doesn't seem to be any way to know if the colors will get along with each other. I know there are sites that are more specific to this task, so If it's appropriate to make suggestions like that on this board, I'd appreciate it.

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I have the same experience. Some projects seem to demand different color pallettes than others as well. But saving customized colors, gradients and 2D plant modifications in the Resource Browser seems to be the best way. Too bad the RB isn't that user friendly, but it's the only way to save and reuse. But I'm looking for the same thing. Maybe this winter!

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Am I missing something? My custom color palette appears in every new drawing I create. Why do you have to start from scratch each time?

I use Photoshop to "mix" my custom colors, and then I use the RGB values from Photoshop and enter them in the color palette manager new color RGB sliders in Vectorworks. My complaint is the color palette manager is far too convoluted. The color sliders are 6 clicks (windows) deep in Vectorworks!

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