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ID Label Tool and Wall ID woes. Database connections?

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We have some problems with the Wall ID tag and linking to the database.

Any assistance would be great.

We are using VW 2012 SP4 Architect with Renderworks.

If you draw a Wall Assembly on one layer...

give that wall assembly an ID in it's data.

Then attach a Wall ID to the wall using the ID Label Tool

Select the Wall ID... look in the Information palette... under Data. You'll find a long set of letters and numbers in the Name field. This shows us that this wall ID is linked to this wall. So... if you replaced the wall with another wall assembly with a different ID, the ID would change.

This works great.

UNTIL you decide to create another layer with a wall ABOVE that layer in the Layer Stack. Do that... connect a Wall ID to a wall. All is well.


Go down to the layer below it in the stack and try to attach a Wall ID.

It works... but it's NOT connected in the Database. Thus, if the wall assembly was changed or the Wall assemblies ID was changed down the road, that Wall ID tag would NOT change.

What's going on???

Please don't tell me they are going to only "Fix" this in version 2013 !?

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