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VS compilation error on Win7, VW2012


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I have been developing a script on the Mac in VW2012 and wanted to test it on the PC side, so I installed a copy of VW2012 on Boot Camp with Win7, copied across the various resources and I see this error:

Line #1: book


{ Error: Expected = }


{ Error: Expected BEGIN }


{ Error: Expected a RUN statement at the end of the scirpt }

Seconds to Compile: 0.00

Previously in VW2011 any script I brought across to the PC worked the same in both environments but here there is a difference.

There is no "book" on line one of the script and it shows no compilation errors on the Mac side, so what is the compiler trying to get across?

Thanks, Joel.

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Hi Joel,

???It could be referring to line 1 of any $Included file. Sometimes, the second or third error message will clue you in to which file is the offending one.

???The "{ Error: Expected = }" message usually occurs in CONST declarations. I know this is not much help, but without knowing more, I can't offer more.

???Lastly, do you have a blank line at the end of every included file? This prevents statements in adjacent files from running together inadvertently.



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