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"isolate" function for layers/classes



Here's what I find myself needing to do:

Select a set of layers and or classes, and have just those be on.

I would like to able to highlight them in the navigation palette and then right click, bringing up the option to isolate them. They would then all be on and the other layers or classes would be turned off.

An extra option would be to "isolate grey" Where everything else goes to grey.

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Saved Views provide the same result with a slightly different process. But establish a Default Saved View first so it's easy to get back.

What you describe might be quick, esp in a drawing with only a few layers and classes. But then you have to do the whole process for each new setting which could be tricky if the drawing has many classes & layers.

Could work well if coordinated with a few Saved Views.


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Funny, I see it exactly the opposite. I have about 100 classes and 30 layers usually. Establishing a saved view to me is a waste of time as I have to set it up in order to activate it. I just want to be able to grab three or four related things and work with them, let them go and continue moving on.

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