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Working with VW 2011 converted files problems.

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I'm having a lot of trouble with VW 2011 converted files. Snaps don't work right, grid is messed up, and snap to grid is completely dead. Not just one file. Seems like all. Any suggestions to resolve these problems? I've tried back saving and converting again, and I've tried copying and pasting in a new file, but they don't solve the problems.

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My biggest problem is I need to work on my drawing NOW, and not try and figure out why Vectorworks isn't good enough to convert my file properly. Phew... I'm glad I got that off my chest!

I am running 10.8 ML, and I can't say for sure if I noticed any changes in VW behavior since the transition. I restarted my computer and that seems to have helped a tiny bit.

I wish I had time to test, but I have to move my project along so I can make the deadline.

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This is a grid issue, and a problem in VW that goes back a long time. As much as it scares the heck out of me, I reset my ruler origin, and I moved all my objects so they are either on bottom Z zero, or at some 1/16" increment relative to bottom Z zero. That has helped for the most part, but some of my converted objects are not in exact fractions, whether that as done by me or in the conversion, I don't know. And those are buggers, so my best solution so far is to delete them and make them again.

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As a general rule, and it's really unfortunate, I always try to finish up a drawing set in the version in which is was originally created. Additionally I have found that Murphy lives in CAD files (among other places) and that there is an inverse relationship between "needing it done" to "how badly the computer/software behaves". In other words, the more you need it, the worse the behavior... So take a deep breath... and do what you gotta do...

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I guess a certain amount of conversion failure is to be expected, but what I think I'd rather see is problematic objects be either ignored, or put into a "these are bad" class, and the rest of the drawing converted into a correct and useable format.

I understand and agree with Peter's assessment that it would be best to complete a drawing before upgrading, but that is not how I work. I start something, think about it, years pass, I return to it, years pass, I return to it, and then maybe I finish it.

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