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Skewed curved ramp

Guest Demfis Fyssicopulos

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Guest Demfis Fyssicopulos

Dear all,

How could I make a ramp out of this shape?. For making curved ramps I've been using the curved wall tool with a 6'-8' width and then lower one of the ends with the 3D reshape tool (trick I learned from this board). This trick, doesn't work in this case as the ramp is not a perfect curve with both ends at same width. In short words, I am trying to make a curved ramp with one end wider than the other one. Thoughts?. Thanks everyone.

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Guest Demfis Fyssicopulos

Hi KM,

The idea is that the ramp would be shaped as a swoosh rather than a curve with the same radius. The cylinder cutout wouldn't work.


I think your idea might be the way to go, but I don't really understand it how to do it. I am still trying to get my head around Nurbs.

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It turned out to be a few steps easier than I thought. The cylinder works great, the trick is to offset the centre points of the curves.

1 - draw a wall the width of the widest part of the ramp. Change the height on one end to zero to make it a standard ramp.

2 - draw a circle using three point mode. My points were the inside corner of the ramp at the top, a quarter of the way in at the midpoint and half way in at the bottom.

3 - extrude the circle into a cylinder

4 - select the wall and the cylinder, change to a 3D view and Subtract Solids.

(note that in my original instructions I suggested changing the wall to a generic solid which isn't actually possible and not actually needed)



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For the NURBS method, 1st step is to determine the shape. Draw the ramp in plan view w/ 2d tools. Use that and info you have about how tall the ramp is to determine the shape of start, end and mid sections - they will be rectangles if the upper edges of the ramp are directly over the lower edges.

In Front view, draw those sections as 2d shapes (rectangles?)

Note: Draw each in same direction - eg top left to bot right.

Modify>Convert>Convert to NURBS - result is a group, all in one plane.

Ungroup to reveal 3 NURBS curves.

Switch to Top Plan view.

Drag and rotate each section to properly align with your plan view.

Now loft:

Easiest if you change to offaxis view with Flyover tool.

Enable the Loft tool in 3d Tool set, pick the 1st mode (Loft Surface)

Click same corner of each section (eg lower left) in order- tall, mid, low.

A red "rubber band" follows your clicks to confirm the loft path.

Now press return or click the green checkmark in tool bar.

Wait a moment while the loft forms.

Post back if not working.


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