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possible space tool bug


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I have a problem with the space tool: I set up a space and relative label, then for the sake of page space I moved the labels ( a slightly edited Space Tag 1 in this case) off the main page so I can then show then on a separate viewport or in a column on the side of the page. All is fine for a few work iterations and then if I either go into the design layer or close the file - this is totally random - the space labels change scale, either halving or doubling in size. The only way to get them back to the regular scale is to go into the settings and then immediately close them... I had this problem on another file and I worked out it might have been the fact they were on a different viewport (in both the files I work on a 1:100 design layer with relative sheet layer). So I re-worked the DL to have the space labels neatly around the model and it seemed to work. Suddenly a couple of days later the problem presented itself again.

I have discussed this problem briefly with my good friend BCD, and at his suggestion I tried a few view changes and viewport edits, but the problem seems to be in the way the DL behaves if you get in or out of it from diverse viewports in the SL.

any suggestions?

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We are having the same issue here. Support hasn't been any help, they can't seem to figure it out. I have been doing some investigating on my own and it appears to be the difference between world-based and page-based symbols. I thought I had the space tool issued fixed but now when we add a viewport that includes our legend the space tag either blows up or becomes miniscule.

Any help with this would be appreciated!


VWA 2012+RW on Mac OS snow leopard and mountain lion

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