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As the number of Resource types keeps growing in Vectorworks, it would be nice if choosing "Resources/Show Object Types" would open a dialog with checkboxes for the resource types rather than being a pulldown list.

It was not so bad back in the day when there were only five resource types to turn off or on. But as new resource types are added such as Sketch Styles, Wall Styles, Slab Styles, Text styles, Tiles, etc. the Resource Type list is getting longer and longer with every upgrade of Vectorworks.

If I want to filter the resource browser to Display only one resource type such as Symbol Folders, I have to tediously open "Show Object Types" and uncheck one type, then pull it down again and uncheck another type, then pull it down again and uncheck another type, then pull it down again and... well, you get the idea.

Why not have the command just open a dialog where you could check or uncheck all resource types in one fell swoop and click "OK". Done.

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Sorry, I figured out that the pulldown does the same thing as the gray bar. The object types don't ever go away, they just roll up.

I should have mentioned, we have way too many Symbols/Plugins to view as thumbnails. I always view as a list. You do not get collapsible gray bars in list view.

But I guess that is a whacky workaround. I could switch to thumbnail view, scroll down through all the resource types closing all the gray bars except symbols and symbol folders, then switch back to list view.

But that seems almost as laborious as repeatedly checking off items in the pulldown list. I still say a dialog with checkboxes would be the most efficient.

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However one uses the RB it doesn't change the fact that it has been in need of a "Progressive Update"(Not Radical/Drastic) for, what, ten years?

I'm OK with "How", choice is good, it's just the organisation/viewing could do with a wash and brush up!

No hiding, renaming, removing, corrupting, or retiring as for the most part just more control would improve things no end.

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