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Saved Sheets Disappearing

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Anyone know why sheets I have saved, i.e. floor plan (one of several), have disappeared from my drawing? Is this a corruption issue or did I just hit some esoteric key combination that eleminated them? VW 8.5.2 w/Architect 1.0.1 running on Mac OS 9.2.2, file size is 2.8 mb. confused.gif" border="0

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Saved sheets can be deleted by using the resource pallet, workgroup referencing a file to copy it, or by using the edit saved sheets command in the sheet menu.

It is possible for document corruption to cause sheet's to disappear since they have a special node type inside your file. The only saved sheet disappearing problem we were aware of was fixed in the 9.5.1 release.

Matthew GiampapaNNA Technical Support

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Note that you can delete sheets by accident if you have the Saved Sheets script palette active and you do "Cut" Command X.mac, Control X Windows. If the last thing you selected was something on a script palette, kiss it goodbye.

Even if you see "Cut" grayed out in the Edit menu it still works on scripts on a script palette.

BTW, Copy and Paste also work the same...


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