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archoncad Announces New Subscription Website

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archoncad has a new searchable website for Vectorworks Resources.

Over the past 5 years I have been creating a manual every month along with movies for my subscribers. This means that there are over 60 manuals and 1000 movies (not to mention the blogs and youtube movies). The new web site has a search area where you can type in a word to phrase. You then see and the movies, manuals, or blogs that match your search. For more general searching, you can use categories and tags (to learn more about these, visit this web site).

The new website is the one place to find all my manuals, movies, blogs and podcasts. All the old manuals have had their movies re-linked to the new web site, so you can now download any of the old manuals, and click on the movie links. As I have been uploading these resources, I have been surprised by the amount of information that is available. Some of the manuals are over ninety pages long, some to them have over twenty eight movies.

With the wealth of information and the ability to search, you could almost use this web site instead of using the Vectorworks Help. When you need to help, you can go to the new web site and search for the answer.

If you are a subscriber, log in here...

If you want to be a subscriber, join here...

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I've been working with Jon for quite some time now. I've been a VW user since MC2.0. Working with Jon's on-line workshops and sessions have been a really valuable asset to me. I have always found new and better ways to use the VectorWorks tools. I also use the session outlines in my local user group meetings from time to time. (I'm in Alaska BTW) I strongly encourage VW users in all CADD disciplines to check out his website and join up.

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I have now updated my website so that users who would like to see the content of the site are able to. I now have public areas and private areas, so users who are not registered can see all the public information. This means that you can now look through my website you can search for posts that contain movies or written blogs.

This will allow users to see the range of the content of my site, but still protect parts of the site until users choose to subscribe. I have just had the website changed, so there as a limit to what non registered visitors can see at the moment. But I am updating it every day, so there will be a lot of content when I am finished.

If you would like to check it out click on my signature below

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