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Mystery Red X's In Tool Pallets


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Just used Migration Assistant to move everything (including Vectorworks 2012) to a new MacBook Pro.

I'm having a couple of issues.

About half of the tools in all of my tool pallets have their icon replaced with a red X.

Some of tools still work when selected, they just don't show their correct icon & it's impossible to tell all the red X's apart. Other give an error message saying to be sure theres is a Plug-In folder in the same folder as the Vectorworks Application, which there is.

Any ideas on how to reset to the correct icons?

Even a bigger issue, once I open the first drawing & then close it, Vectorworks will no longer respond to any keyboard or mouse commands. I can go to all of the menus & they drop down, some items are grayed out while others are still black but nothing can be selected. Command Q or selecting Quit from the menu does nothing & I have to Force Quit to start over.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee


I had the same issue when I used Migration Assistant. I had to get rid of my user folder and create a new one.

Make sure Vectorworks is shut down.

Go to User/Application Support/Vectorworks and find the 2012 folder.

Rename it Old2012.

Fire up Vectorworks.

It will recognise that the 2012 folder is missing, and create a new one for you. You'll probably need to activate your serial number again. If you had specific preferences set in the Old2012 folder, you can restore them into the new folder, but you will probably need to recreate any custom workspaces.

I hope that helps

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