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Stair Tool: more control of end conditions



The following screenshots are sections through a ground floor concrete stair junction.

The first one is what you end up with when using the Slab and Stair tools with the Lower Floor Thickness set to the thickness of the floor (granted I haven't clipped the slab, but you get the picture).

The second one is the same as above except the floor thickness is set to zero.

The third one I can't model but instead is touched up in the annotations layer. We'd like to be able to model this using the Slab and Stair tools.




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I'm convinced. I've also been reading a few comments about Revit vs. Archicad from people who have used both and they tend to say that Revit is far more intuitive than Archicad (in fact even more Mac-like as well, ironically).

If Revit comes out on Mac we'll be all over it. Problem is that's not a sure thing. Some people say Autodesk are trying to go down the web browser route instead. I hope not. They'll never achieve feature parity that way.

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I meant in the context of the current options available.

I've looked at the following three options:

1) Bootcamp

2) Parallels

3) Remote Desktop

Number 3 is my preferred option, but essentially I am just using my imac as a display.

All three options require maintenance and upkeep of two platforms - something that I want to avoid.

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The last few posts are a real shame for VW.

I do enjoy using VW (when it's productive)as well as my mac.

If only they could fix it and add the necessary features to the BIM workflow...

What really cheeses me is that with all the discontent being voiced on the forums lately, not a single reassuring post from nemetschek.

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What really cheeses me is that with all the discontent being voiced on the forums lately, not a single reassuring post from nemetschek.

I also find it very strange that no one from NV or even the beta testers are assuring us that the next VW will be better. I guess it will be better, but not like it needs to be according to the many bim fail posts. September is almost there, so I guess all that will go in the next version will already be in it and in a finishing state. If only they could tell us that at least some of the problems will be solved, they do not need to say which ones, only that some will be solved. I really hate that NV doesn't release some teases, previews or short movies more than a week before it's release. Most other companies do.

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NV posting future features/functionality could keep me subsscribing, even though I expect disappointment lurks.

Talked with a sales rep the other day to help determine my deadline for renewal. He assured me renewal would save me bundles of money over deciding to repurchase later.

I said that that fact was obvious to me. The punitive no-subscription option would then, perhaps, be more compelling from the standpoint that, for once, VW would have to prove it's worth to me in order to gain my purchase. If it continued it's current trend of half-baked functionality, I would remain with my existing license and avoid the frustrations. If it improved, they would get my money (assuming I had it).

I still have time. Maybe I'll cave in, maybe I won't. But if they offered up the tease....

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"Is it really destined to be an advantage only in terms of its price?"


Although price advantage is relative. Obviously your firm finds it is advantageous (or the consequences of switching are too burdensome). I don't have a firm so it's easier for me to discontinue my upgrading.

Sorry for getting a bit off-topic...

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