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m2 walls / space tool

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Im looking into worksheets, pretty handy!

I`m wondering if it possible to get the area (m2) of the walls of a room by using the space tool.

Is it possible te get the m2 of all the walls of a living room or a bedroom? This would be very handy in my case... :-)

Couldn`t find a proper way. Only the totals of all walls, but not by room.

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I'll take a swing at it.

Using the space tool, if the Net Ceiling Height is set to the layer height, then it's easy to get the perimeter of the room and multiply that by the ceiling height.

It's not clear to me the difference between the net perimeter and gross perimeter. Maybe someone can shed some light on that.

Unfortunately a vaulted ceiling throws the whole thing off.

I don't think using the space object as a location for a database criterion will work, because the wall will often extend beyond the boundry of a given space object.

I'll attach an example...


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1. Use the extract tool in surface mode to extract the nurbs surfaces from the walls. Assign them to a class.

2. Use the split tool in top/plan view to split the nurbs surfaces at intersections.

3. When creating the database use the criteria

Class is __________________

Location is XXXXX

The XXXXX will be what is in the name field of the data tab of the space object OIP. You can either use the crazy id code or type in something more useful to a human.

It's not live. If a wall moves or window changes size, you need to extract a new nurbs surface.



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