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Importing Sketch up's: furniture, etc ( .skp objects)..how?

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On another post someone suggested to go to Sketch up for some new furniture and fixtures. (It was also recommended to contact manufacturers, dealers of those items..I did but time is not my side for this deadline).

I did get some cool .skp items but am stumped as to how to get them in my VW draw'g.

I am using 12.5.1, Mac OSX

need I download Sketch up and open them there first? ugh!

ps if anyone can spare an old fashioned chandelier I'd bake you cookies! :)

thanks all


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Michelle the SketchUp import function is only available in Architect, Landmark, Spotlight and Designer. If you are a Fundamentals user then you won't be able to import SketchUp files.

The Import options are in the Import sub-menu of the File menu.

When you import a SketchUp file it will always be placed on a Design Layer with a scale of 1:1 (not sure why but that is just the way it is). It will usually be made up of a series of Symbols. The other thing you have to live with are:

- All objects will be made up of 3D polygons so curved parts will be faceted. - None of the textures come in so your imported model will be just white surfaces.

Like with most imports it is probably best to do the import into a new blank file so you can check what is there prior to placing it into your working file.

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