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Maybe there is an obvious answer to this question but i cant find it... - can you import classes from another drawing...? I have found a way to import classes if there is something on them in the source file using workgroup references but if the class is empty they dont appear. Can it be done?

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You want to use something called a class standards file.

Set up a VectorWorks document with all the classes you want, it doesn't matter if they have objects in them or not.

Save that file with a .sta extension inside the "Standards" folder inside your VectorWorks folder.

Now in some other file, you can create a new class, and instead of typing in your own, use the radio button to select the standards file and then Shift Click the list to get the classes you want from the standard.

FYI, you can also do this with layers.

Matthew GiampapaNNA Technical Support

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Hi Chris,

What Matthew suggested was to create a 'standards' file...

1. Take the file with the classes you want and put it in the folder called Standards, inside your VW folder (to rename it .sta is optional, as far as I know)

2. On the document you want the classes imported to, open the Classes... panel and choose New...

3. Instead of writing a class name as usual, choose the second radio button on this small dialog, the pop-up near it should show the file with the classes you want (it will show the files on the Standards folder).

4. You can now import classes 'en masse' if you want, by control/comand or shift-selecting them on the list under the pop-up.


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