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Vectorworks 2012 slow vector draw / re-draw on 12 core mac pro

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Please could someone tell me if this is normal, as I am new to Vectorworks. Although my client has been running VW 12.5 for many years and it did not behave in this way.

When I zoom in where there is a curved line there is first a preview of the line which is re-drawn as a vector. There is a short delay (but easily noticeable) between seeing the previewed (jagged or anti-aliased tried both) and the vector line.

This happens when creating a blank document and drawing a simple circle.

Is this just the way VW 2012 does things or can it be improved by changing any preferences etc?

Mac is brand new 2012 Mac Pro 12 Core (2 * 6 Core) 12 Gb RAM

Radeon 5870 card

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I have already posted on the other thread which you recommended and couldn't find any answers. I just phoned http://www.leornado-cad.co.uk who said we should have purchased VSS ! And that maybe Nemetstek hadn't had a chance to try their software out on the new mac pro !

Heres the spec again

Mac Pro 5,1

2 x 6 core 2.66

Radeon 5870

12gb ram

Like I say its not too bad, but for the money and system specifications.. I would expect a more 'fluid' experience when zooming in and out of drawings. We are seeing a half second or more delay re-drawing.

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We've tried it on a few machines now and they all do the same thing. We can only assume its working as designed when in 2D CAD mode, zooming in and out causes a preview line to be drawn and then replaced half a second later with a vector line.

Can anyone else confirm that when in 2D cad mode they see this same behaviour?

If you start from a blank page then draw a circle. Zoom right out, then back in again there is a delay when quit close in redrawing a jagged line into a vector.

So far no one has confirmed this with me. Thanks

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