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Transfer modes - inconsistent behaviour

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I am experiencing rather frustrating things with layer transfer modes. In some files they work OK, in some others, not at all and finally, in some very strangely: some polygons apply modes, some don't and some start to apply them when they are moved.

The specific situation is polygons over aerial photos.

VW 9.5.1 Mac OS 9.2 Memory allocation 400,000KFile sizes around 15MB

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Well, at least on one case, even those polygons that had obeyed my command, became opaque again. Haven't tested it any more, though.

Let's say that this is consistent enough for all the 13 files in a project to misbehave. In another project - at least for the time being - all 8 files are OK.

The only difference is that in the successful files the bitmaps have not been rotated or scaled, in the other one, they all have both rotated and scaled. Could this be this 'something?'

Fortunately this is not a disaster for the final drawings - they are meant to be in 'paint' mode anyway, but 'overlay' and 'invert' would have helped in certain situations. I have a workaround, though.

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If this is at all consistent, even within a particular file, the best way to track down the cause of this is with an example file.

Not too many people use modes other than paint so it's quite possible that you have found something. BTW, what happens when you force the screen to redraw? (double click on the pan tool)

Matthew GiampapaNNA Technical Support

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