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What controls the fill attribute of a stair in a section viewport?

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Where do I control the fill attribute of the stair tool when I've taken a Section Viewport through it?

It's the "Stair Structure" attribute that controls the fill in section view.

You have the class of the components set to . This is a bug. Set these classes to the concrete class and it will be ok.

Further to this you can't rely on changing Top face, Bottom face, Front face and Inside/Outside separately (this will then just say "different attributes"). Instead you have to change the whole lot at once by double clicking on "Stair Structure".

Just received an invoice for our VW subscription today. Don't know why.

Edit: one more thing: you can't have the "Stair Structure" open. It has to be collapsed before you can double click it. Lovely stuff.

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Just came across this issue today, thanks for posting this Deiter & Christiaan that solved my problem.

A concrete stair should have its class and fill set by default to show concrete, sometimes I wonder how VW logic works!

(Maybe that is an upgrade for the future :laugh:)

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