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What controls the fill attribute of a stair in a section viewport?

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Christiaan said:
Where do I control the fill attribute of the stair tool when I've taken a Section Viewport through it?

It's the "Stair Structure" attribute that controls the fill in section view.

DWorks said:
You have the class of the components set to . This is a bug. Set these classes to the concrete class and it will be ok.

Further to this you can't rely on changing Top face, Bottom face, Front face and Inside/Outside separately (this will then just say "different attributes"). Instead you have to change the whole lot at once by double clicking on "Stair Structure".


Edit: one more thing: you can't have the "Stair Structure" open. It has to be collapsed before you can double click it. Lovely stuff.

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Just came across this issue today, thanks for posting this Deiter & Christiaan that solved my problem.

A concrete stair should have its class and fill set by default to show concrete, sometimes I wonder how VW logic works!

(Maybe that is an upgrade for the future :laugh:)

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