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hp 800

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Well I don't have first hand experience with the 800PS, but a common cause for users that are getting mis-scaled drawings is the "Print Current View" option we added to the print dialog box in version 9.

When this is selected, VectorWorks will print a page at a scale such that area shown by the VectorWorks window will fit onto 1 page. This is a great feature for printing a quick preview or a quick detail, but we get a lot of calls with problems like this. (Also if you are zoomed in on empty space, it will print empty space.)

Otherwise I would suggest you email over a file that is giving you problems. We can always run it through our HP755CM which is the predecessor of the 800PS. (tech@nemetschek.net)

Matthew GiampapaNNA Technical Support

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We have the hp800 not hp800ps I'm on windows 2000. How can I send you the file that just would not print at all? I showed in the screen just fine and looked like it was being sent to the printer and then nothing happened. The size wase 36" x 60". It prints plans just fine so I know the interface works.

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