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Replacing Classes

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I'm going through the process of replacing classes in a project from an old naming system and line weights to a new naming system with new line weights. (from A-03lightest to Line-05lightest, etc.) I have to do this with a dozen classes in about two dozen files. Right now I'm just importing the new classes from the first file, then deleting the old classes one by one and telling vectorworks to move the objects associated with the class that I'm deleting to the appropriate new class. It's turning out to be a tedious process. Does anyone know of a better workflow or way to do this to all of my files at once?



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Do what Vincent says.

Also, keep in mind that by doing what you do know, the visibility of the classes in your viewports will be lost. Renaming them will not alter the visibility in viewports. Importing and overwriting also alters the visibility. Be very carefull with this.

If class and layer mapping doesn't go that well for you, I have a script for this I'm willing to share, but first try the mapping feature.

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