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i have to say, VW is terrible when it comes to exporting image files, it always has been, not sure about 2012, but from what you are saying, its probably the same.

i only ever use jpegs on export, but have to play around with the dpi setting every time to get a decent output. sometimes i can push it up as far as 600-800dpi, and other times it wont go higher that 250dpi. also, i can only ever get it to work on the second highest compression setting, it will not ever work on the highest.

any reason you cant use a pdf? you could always bring it into photoshop and flatten and save as jpeg or other image file

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For both windows and mac if the rendering process takes up the allotted 32bit 3gb of application space then upon export Vectorworks is out of memory to export. Not sure which version you are running but this especially effected 2011 and before. Models can get to big to render then export especially if you have a bit of geometry and high res textures. You may have to downsize the textures and look to see if you have objects where the geometry can be reduced.

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