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managing libraries and tools between two computers

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Well, I use an external hard drive that's small and portable that my pc automaticly syncs to when I shut it off. I can then take that with me on my laptop. I just set the user folder and library files in VW on my laptop to that hard drive.

You just need a way to story or sync your data so that all your devices can find it.

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I use dropbox also. All of my current projects are kept in there as well as any linked files, and my collections of VW resources. So at home or at work, I'm accessing the same file.

I'll have to try keeping my workspace files in there. I've noticed my workspaces are slightly different at home and at work.

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I tried the hard drive and in some ways it wasn't more reliable. (Or should I say "I" wasn't reliable). I would have to remember to take it from place to place. As soon as I got home, I would have to update my computer with the hard drive. Same when I got to work the next day. VW Cloud is probably the best, but I use Dropbox because its free.

These programs update the files on your computer. The actual files are still on your computer. But there is also a copy of them online which then updates your other computers with the most recent version of your file.

Try sending a 100mb drawing file and renderings to someone via email. It's much easier to put it in a separate folder on dropbox and email them the link to that folder.

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Also, you might want to consider a flash drive. Prices have really dropped, I just saw a 32 GB USB flash drive on MacMall for $18.99.

If you set up User Folders on the flash drive via Vectorworks Preferences/User Folders, you can direct Vectorworks to use those User Folders for preferences, workspaces, libraries, etc. whenever it launches. All you have to remember is to plug in the USB drive before you launch Vectorworks.

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I'm not able to keep my custom workspaces on Dropbox. The workspaces must be kept in the same folder as the application.

I have to physically copy the workspace files from one computer and put them on my other computers.

Since my workspaces don't change that often, I guess its not a problem.

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