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Once Camera is linked to viewport...the camera dissappears!

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

You can also select the camera choose Display Camera view then click anywhere to deselect the camera. At this point create your viewport. Your camera will still be on your design layers (but will not be attached to your viewport).

Remember if you have used a camera as your viewport you can double click the viewport and adjust the camera view from there.

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The way it's arranged does not seem to be helpful for my needs. I actually need to show the position of the camera on the plan while also showing the camera shot in another viewport. I often need to indicate the camera position in plan so we can discuss actual camera angles.

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Yep. That's how it should work. A "camera" is an actual object that is used in the film and entertainment industry. That would be all of the spotlight owners out there. We need to be able to see where the camera is in plan, and then check the shot in the viewport.

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I totally agree with you all.

Also it should be possible to have more options on camera lens. What we all want to do is have TV camera lenses available also. Long zooms etc. corresponding to real world items.

I hope this would be available on next version.

Do you know if there is any plugins for this?


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