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possible to display result of GetLScale as "feet only, rounded"?

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I use a little PIO to display scale inside Viewports that includes this...

layScale:= GetLScale(ActLayer);

HowManyFeet := Num2StrF(layScale);

DescriptionOfScale := Concat('1" = ',HowManyFeet);


this currently creates 1" = 4'0" or 1" = 23'10"

What snippet of code would change that to 1" = 4' or even 1" = 24' (close enough for estimating cable runs, seriously).

*would like to do this without changing the Units... of the document; hoping there is something that will round the numbers and drop the inches.



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Hmm. Answering my own question, just coerce it out of Num2Str in a different way:

layScale:= GetLScale(ActLayer);

HowManyFeet := Num2Str(0,(layscale/12));

DescriptionOfScale := Concat('1" = ',HowManyFeet,'?');


...that's using a fado as feet because I can't figure out how to get a hatch in there; don?t judge me.

Of course, that /12 assumes imperial units (which I generally use, but that seems like sloppy code). I?m open to improvement...

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Going further, here is my sloppy attempt to remove the trailing 0.

I am posting this in the hopes that someone might reveal how to use the actual feet character in a string instead of my silly fado-workaround.

theNumber := (layscale/12);

HowManyFeet := Concat(Num2Str(0, theNumber),'?');

if theNumber - ROUND(theNumber) <> 0 then HowManyFeet := Num2StrF(layscale);

DescriptionOfScale := Concat('1? = ',HowManyFeet);


take pity on my tortured code...

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