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Parts of model rendering gray

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I've not done the tutorial but it looks as though there is not enough light in your scene. Try using Renderworks Realistic Ext Fast or one of the other presets and see if the image improves. I think it probably has to do with light bouncing but i'm guessing you havent got that far, the presets have bouncing in already set up. Lighting is great fun once you get going! there are lots of other solutions you could try but i think this is the easiest,

Best of luck!

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Yes you have this thing called ambient lighting but once you place a light this tends to be turned down or off all together depending on what you've set up,this is so you dont get 'Whiteout' where there is too much light in a scene and you cant see anything at all. placing a directional or point light that doesnt cast shadows can help brighten a scene up but do be aware that light just adds and adds and once you do add bouncing (which makes a scene much more realistic) you may encounter whiteout. Of course your Visualisation palette can always turn off individual lights thankfully!

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Place any lighting onto a separate layer. (call it "lighting") When you turn this layer off, you have the basic VW ambient lighting. Turn this layer on and select Fast Renderworks or better and the difference is amazing.

Also remember that if you use textures, you can specify if individual objects cast or receive shadows. Sometimes I'll have a big ugly shadow and rather than play with lights, I'll just turn off the cast/receive shadow options for that texture.

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