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Can't insert tiles from VW "Tiles-Symbols" library.

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I loaded the "Tile - Symbols" library (resident in VW 2012) into my drawing and it shows up in my Resource Browser (some neat rock patterns) but they showed up in the Symbols/Plug-ins folder rather than the Tiles folder. I can make them active and drag them into the drawing but they will not fill the selected object. Instead, they come in a single tile drawing object. How do I get the Attributes tool to find them and get them to behave as tiles?

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'Tile-Symbols' are different to the tile fill attribute. 'Attribute-Tile Fills' is the folder that you are looking for to use with fill attributes.

I believe the symbols used to be used as a separate command before where it duplicated the symbols to fill the space when the command was executed. This command can be found in the 'Legacy' category of the 'Menu' commands when you edit your workspace. The name of the command it self (I think) is 'Tile...'.

Alternately, you can take the geometry of the desired tile symbol, and make a tile fill attribute out of it, and use it throughout the attribute palette.


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