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3D WTF is Vectorworks saying?

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So here's my issue:

Using VW2012 SP4 (build 162341). I'm trying to build the Titleblock for my lightplot by grabbing a symbol, converting to group (so not to skew my unit count) and copy and pasting into my titleblock symbol. I'm getting a 'new to me' VW warning dialogue:

'You have converted the 2D symbol you are editing into a hybrid symbol by adding 3D or hybrid objects. Do you want to continue?'

then the fine print says: 'The 2D objects in the symbol view will no longer be visible in plan view. Note that 2D objects are planar objects which are assigned to the screen plane'

Now I'm loath to do anything! that would make a 2D symbol no longer visible in Plan View... since I'm keeping the drawing as simple as possible by using 2D symbols and everything I believe I've drawn is in Plan/Top View. I've no idea what this warning is telling me and I cancel out of it so not to mess up any! displaying of 2D objects I've already placed in my titleblock.

Can anyone help me understand what is going on and how I can work around this frustrating issue so I can move forward? Much thanks in advance.

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