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sweep and boolean

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When trying to make holes (boolean) in a sweep-object I end-up with a facetted object, no matter how I screw up the quality of the sweep.

More precise: the sweep-object is a rubber ring (a gasket) with profiling on it. And the holes are for bolts to go through. I set the sweep to "segments every 3 degrees". In Cinema 4D it looks pretty smooth without the holes, but with the holes, it looks the same as if I set the segments to "every 15 degrees" which is too rude for the purpose.

What can I do about it. Turning the sweep into something else (nurbs or wire) makes it useless for the boolean operation.

Doing a conversion after the boolean gives the same facetted geometry.

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In my version of Vectorworks 12.5.3, Final Quality Renderworks yields a non faceted sweep with holes. Open GL gets facets, but it defaults to Low Quality and disabled Anti Aliasing. Higher settings almost eliminate the facets.

Try increasing the render quality:

View>Rendering>OpenGL Options increase the quality and enable the Anti-Aliasing.

Also, your signature indicates 12.5. If necessary, free upgrade to 12.5.3 at the Vectorworks Home page>Downloads.

Post back if this is not helping.


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I'm sorry, I forgot to update my profile; I use VW 2011.

Setting OpenGL to the highest gives a better image indeed, thanks.

But that's not the real problem.

When I send the file to C4D, but also, when I render it in Renderworks (highest settings), the swept object is perfect without holes; the moment I put holes in it, the quality decreases to an unacceptable level.

A workaround, is first converting the sweep to a wireframe object and then the boole, but then I loose editing possibilities.

Another one is transporting sweep and hole objects to C4D and doing the Boole in C4D but that's also quirky.

An image at: http://members.home.nl/gevelthuis/temp/gaskets.jpg

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My 2011 works with no facets:

3? sweep, OpenGL on Very High and Anti Aliasing

Final Renderworks is not faceted, either.

I found only a little effect from maxing out the 2d and 3d conversion settings in Vectorworks Prefs Edit and 3d tabs. But you should look at those, too.

Just a test - Paste the completed object into a new blank file and render. Maybe there is something else in the drawing causing the faceting.

Another idea - minimize the number of solids operations. eg Bolt holes are 4 circles extruded in one go to make all 4 holes in one solid subtract operation.



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OK, that's strange at first glance, but after I imported your file in my VW model, I saw that your gasket was much larger than mine.

And the ribbons I use are thinner.

If I scale down your object to the same measurements as mine, it reacts exactly the same; smooth without holes; facetted with holes.

In the second image I attached, I imported the gaskets in c4d and turned the display to "wireframe".

The difference is clearly visible; the middle ones have holes; the outer ones don't; my gaskets to the left; yours to the right.

On the other hand, if I scale my gasket up to yours, it looks great.

So, . . . .the problem seems to be in the scale. I work 1:1, which is convenient for mechanical objects like the ones I work with. The gasket is about 150 mm in width.

I think that shouldn't be the problem.


screen c4d.jpg

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Now, I see it too.

Worse when object rescaled to 150mm

OGL better than FQRW, but still has facets.

Layer scale does not affect - tried magnifications at 10x and reductions at .25x

Tried reducing sweep to 0.5? - no improvement.

Mesh smoothing has no effect (it's not a mesh)

Same in VWX2012

Maybe others have solution?


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