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Are there Roof Trusses for Roof Framing?


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I will use my other software that has Fink, Howe, Queen, Attic, Gable Trusses included in the software.

I wonder if one of the Vectorscript Masters could do this or maybe need to use the SDK.

Not being a programmer.

I know, another 3rd party add-on.

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mike m oz,


Sent John an e-mail thanking him for the Plug-In.

Also asked for Queen, Attic, Scissor and Cantilevered trusses.

Roof Pitch in pitch not just degrees. Ex: 8:12

Time to make the wish list again and send to Tech Support!

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When I need this level of detail I actually draw the truss profile, including the top and bottom chords and webs, then I extrude the result to create a 3d object. Next I go to Top/Plan and draw a simple rectangle to exactly coincide with the top view of the the 3d truss, then select both objects and Create Symbol.

Once you have the symbol you can place it and duplicate. Also, the "master" truss profile can be used to create modified (truncated/elongated/etc) trusses.

Yes, this method involves 'upfront' modeling time, but it pays off in many ways. First, collision checking is fairly simple, second the 3d model shows the roof framing (accurately!) and third the roof framing plan is basically already drawn...

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While it is great to be able to do this, Architect and Designer

should already have this tool or plug-in and others.

The tools I use (or work arounds) should be here already.

The software does say Architect, doesn't it?

It is like a 2D CAD program with limited objects or 2D symbols so we must create them if we want in 3D.

Definitely behind the times.

Wish List is great but I forward all to Tech Support.

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Way too complex for a basic cad package. If you want truss design check out Mitek software. And by the way, why do you need it? Are you an engineer designing trusses, then why are you using Vectorworks? You seem to want this software to do everything that is buildable and do it for very little money. Get real, dude.

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I have to agree in general with djb. We have a substantially remodeled tudor under construction currently which has a truss design with 36 separate elements--not trusses--unique truss members. There is no way I'm going to attempt to design the trusses myself, not when I have an experienced truss designer on hand who I can call on the phone. I can refer to the truss documents and extrude key parts to cross-check fit if need be. I can also use the print-out's total L&D loads to verify loads onto supporting members.

Given the man-hours needed to produce a reasonable roof truss tool--one that doesn't generate howls of anguish such as the stair tool--I think NV is wise to put their energies elsewhere. Where that might be is a subject for another time.

There is one thing that Vwks could do to improve the roof tool, however, and that would be to include an input box in order to add a drop heel to the roof volume.


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Way too complex for a basic cad package

Should not be that complex since a plug-in has already been developed for standard configurations. All the math for sizing the members can be done within VW and the only difference with a dedicated package is the GUI. VS and the SDK is limited to what VW offers for user interaction through static dialogs or the OIP parameters.

Truses, for their simplicity, are the first type of structures learned in an engineering program. And the theory is simply that the sum of all forces must equal 0 at every vertex/junction.

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There are two simple truss PIOs by John Greaney at Vector Depot:


Tool> Scripts > Vectorscript Plug-In Editor will let you get into the Default Parameters for the Truss Plug-In tool. I noticed the units were putting metric values into imperial units as a default, and thus distorting it. So individually changing the parameters should fix this. The changes will take place after restarting Vectorworks.

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Copy and paste the above string into the WayBackMachine at web.archive.org Scroll about 1/4 of the way down.  The link to download the ZIP file still works.


Drop the VSO files into your user folder:Application Support:Vectorworks:2022:Plug-ins and restart VW.


Edit your workspace to add these commands to a tool palette.


They seem to work in VW2022, but I have not extensive tested them.

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