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Elevation Benchmarks


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Firstly, I want to point out that I'm used to designing in elevation views with levels (VW Elevation Benchmarks) set at the appropriate heights. Set these benchmarks in one elevation view and they automatically propagate to other elevation views. (this feature has been wishlisted for VW)

Now, in VW, if I draw an elevation benchmark in one view (say front view), when I switch to the rear view the benchmark is reversed. If I put these benchmarks on the screen plane, in other views they move (I expect this behaviour).

How do you experienced veterans work in elevational views in regards to elevation benchmarks? Surely i don't have to create a class for the benchmarks in each elevation view, and turn them on and off in each view?

I know that these benchmarks can be added in the annotation viewport but I want them in my design layers. I actually prefer to have most of my annotations in the design layer.

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