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Batch translate?

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I have a problem.

I've been using VW 11 for years now, but need to upgrade to VW 2012.

Unfortunately VW doesn't read directly VW11.

I have really a lot of drawings (might be one thousand?), so in any case I'd need to setup a kind of batch translate... and understand how to move from 11 to 2012!!

Please help... thanks

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Update to the problem.

I understand I can read VW11 into VW2012: it works one way, not backwards from 2012 to VW11.

Problem is we have an old Mac that can work with just VW11. We need to go back.

VW 2012 goes back to just to VW12.

Buy an old VW 12 license to upgrade VW11, could this be a solution?

Is there any market to buy old VW licenses?

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Paolo, I have the same problem, the difference is, that I got a lot of drawings, made in older minicad. And I don't know how to translate them to VW9, 10, 11, 12 or 2008

If you know how to do it, I'll appreciate the tips


Manuel Rodriguez

PS. I live at Guatemala, and it's very hard to get an older Minicad 6 or 7

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