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Best Artistic renderworks option

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I usually do a lot of hidden line renderings of large projects and often run out of memory. I have been doing a lot of things recently using Artistic Renderworks styles like the various pen styles to create as close to a hidden line look as possible. I am doing this because the cinema 4d side hasn't run out of memory on me yet. It takes a while but it will render out.

My question is does anyone have a style recommendation that is very simple without the flaring of the pen or the overshooting effect on the lines and things like that? Does that make sense?


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Hi Matt,

I have had this problem forever. VW ability to do hidden line renders is appalling. I have tried all sorts of settings in the artistic render options and also asked both Nemetschek and on here and have never found anything that fakes hidden line renders :(

If you do find settings that work then please let me know.


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My personal fav is hidden line foreground with "white model" render mode background. I've had some pretty long waits for the viewports to render, but they are worth it to me.

My office machine can handle these pretty well...the laptop not so good. Cinema 4d can run circles around VW when it comes to rendering. And with a global illumination type rendering like these, the ability to cache the GI file and load it for rendering, rather than computing it again and again like VW does, it's worth the price for c4d.

Here are some examples, plan and front elevation of a night club in Las Vegas I'm working on.

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My issue is with the artistic render modes it doesn't seem that I can get a more true replication of hidden line. It seems like most of them have various flaws the main one being that the lines typically taper toward the end. See the example image attached. All the lines taper on individual objects. When I add in my truss as each individual piece all the pieces taper toward the ends.

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